Name that dessert contest --- The winner is .....

Back in April I shared five photographs from my new cookbook "Southern Italian Desserts"  in a post and asked you to guess the name of the following desserts and the region they come from.   Everyone that named at least one dessert correctly (name of dessert and region) was entered into a drawing for a free autographed copy of "Southern Italian Desserts". Lots of guesses but only few people named one or two desserts correctly.  This confirms that many of these desserts that I have included in my book are still unknown in this country.  The name of each dessert and the region where  you will find it in the book are listed in the pictures below.

The winner of the drawing is Theresa, from Ottawa, Canada who correctly  identified dessert # 4.  The correct name is "Calzoncelli con i Ceci" and it is from Basilicata.

The book is officially released today and as soon as you receive your copy you will have the recipes to make all these delicious desserts from all over Southern Italy.

So here we go:    Picture #1,  clockwise from top left: Pezzetti di Cannella (Puglia),  Intorchiate (Puglia), Biscotti di Ceglie (Puglia), Dolci di Noci (Basilicata), Castagnelle (Puglia), Strazzate (Basilicata), Quaresimali (Puglia)

Picture #2     Africano and it is from Sicily

Picture #3  ,  Sospiri ,  Calabria  (are found all over Southern Italy but I included it in Calabria as it is the first sweet treat I knew as a child in my home town of Verbicaro, Calabria)

Picture # 4   Calzoncelli con i ceci , Basilicata  (but I accepted Chinulille from Calabria as a valid entry as it is found there too)

Picture # 5   Ricotta e Pere  from Campania

Picture # 6    Crostata al Gelo di Mellone,  Sicily