Eating our way through Calabria - Culinary Tour 2013

After spending a couple of weeks in Calabria and Sicily, I am back home.  During those weeks I spent 8 days with a fabulous group touring and eating our way through Calabria.   We had a great time and enjoyed many luscious meals. Take a look at some of the photos below and the remainder on Cooking with Rosetta Facebook Fan Page.

We spent the first three days at Il Mulino Relais, a true agriturismo in Corigliano, which produces everything from their own meats to the fruit that is served at the table. They have cows, maiale nero di calabria (black pig of Calabria), goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and more. The first night we had a pasta that was so simple and flavorful,  strascinati (homemade pasta) tossed with  pork and vegetables from the garden.

Il maiale nero at Il Mulino's farm feeding its piglets.  When you visit Calabria make sure you ask for salumi made from il Maiale Nero di Calabria. I believe maiale nero produces the best pork meat as well as amazing salumi.

Some of the towns that we visited:




Pizzo  (Castello Murat)


We enjoyed many of the traditional Calabrian dishes during our trip such as:

Pipi Cruschi (Dried sweet peppers)

Pipi e patate (potatoes and peppers)

Homemade salumi (Capicollo, prosciutto, sopressata and Calabrian sausage)

'Nduja (Spicy spreadable sausage)

Rasckatieddi con  Nduja (Homemade pasta shaped like gnocchi with fresh tomatoes and nduja)

Alici fritte (Fried fresh anchovies)

Chinulille (Fried ravioli filled with sweetened ricotta or mostarda d'uva (homemade grape jam)

Tartufo di Pizzo (Pizzo famous ice cream truffle)

and we could not go without enjoying the best figs  in Calabria, Fico Dottato.  Enjoying fresh figs everyday proved to be a special treat.

Fico Dottato (Kadota figs)

I hope to see you next year on my tour.  You can view 2014  itinerary  and discover the best of Calabria with me.