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Dolci di Noci (walnut cookies)


This is the first recipe that I am sharing with you from my new cookbook “Southern Italian Desserts”.  It has become one of my favorite cookies and it couldn’t be more simple to make.  Can you think of any other cookie that has only three ingredients?  It is so good that anybody that has one wants more and more.

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Name that Dessert


In this post I have included photographs of some of my favorite desserts from my new cookbook “Southern Italian Desserts.”   I can only share five pictures with you.  All the photographs were taken by the talented Sara Remington who also did the photography for my first cookbook, My Calabria. The recipes in the book range from simple home desserts to the cutting-edge creations of Southern Italy’s finest pastry chefs.  I’ve included desserts already well-known and loved in America, such as gelato and cannoli, as well as regional specialties virtually unknown in this country, and rarely, if ever, found in books, magazines, or online.

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