Photoshoot in Calabria: Riviera dei Cedri

I'm here in Calabria with photographer Sara Remington (go here for her pictures) doing a photoshoot for my upcoming cookbook, My Calabria. La Riviera dei Cedri, the "citron coast", is on the Tyrrhenian side of Calabria, stretching from Praia a Mare to Cetraro. It is known for the cultivation of cedro, or citron; this is also the area of Calabria where I was born. Below are some of my own pictures to show you the beauty of this area through my eyes.

Breakfast for two at Pasticceria Aronne in Marcellina, my favorite place to have coffee and pastries:

A view of my hometown, Verbicaro:

A street in the old section of Scalea:

A quaint and interesting doorknob in Scalea; anyone have a guess as to what animal is portrayed?

Another view of Scalea from the the castle that sits at the very top of the old town:

Here is a view of the beach in Scalea after a rainy day; even on May 1 there are still people at the beach:

Calabria's famous cedro hanging from the tree:

And here is a photo of Isola di Dino, Calabria's largest island, that sits just opposite Praia a Mare's beach:

One of the many murals found in Diamante (also known as the city of murals):

I stopped by Grand Hotel San Michele in Cetraro, where we will be staying during part of my culinary tour in September:

The view from the terrace of the Hotel San Michele; we can see Cetraro's marina and all the way south to the end of the Riviera:

I'll be posting more as we keep travelling through Calabria.