Eating our way through Calabria

The culinary tour ended today but I haven't been able to add posts or upload any pictures because of the slow internet connection. Everyone on the trip thought it was a success, and the only complaint from them was that I fed them too much food. We did eat it all, tho', since it was too good to leave on our plates. We all had a wonderful time cooking, foraging for mushroom, visiting various producers, wineries, produce markets, and we even checked out castles and churches along the way. Check out some of the photos below and the remainder on My Calabria Facebook fan page posted in the Calabria culinary tour 2010 folder album.

Our first day up in the Sila mountains foraging for wild mushrooms:

Do you recognize any of these unusual mushrooms?

Here is our mushroom pick for the day ready for our cooking class:

Below are  photos of some of the foods we ate during the tour.