Ciao a tutti!

Come discover the true flavors of Southern Italy … at my hands-on cooking classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, or on my culinary tours to Calabria and Sicily.

Savor foods that are perennial favorites in Southern Italian homes.  Find out how my Calabrian family, for generations, has created mouthwatering dishes using everyday ingredients, and learn to prepare them in your own home.

My culinary tours take you to the hidden gems of Calabria and Sicily.  We visit top wine, cheese and olive oil producers in charming towns.  We dine at restaurants that you won’t find on your own, and stay at working farms and luxury resorts that are off the beaten path. You’ll experience gorgeous vistas of the Mediterranean sea, hands-on cooking classes and life as it's lived by locals.

 At my cooking classes, students learn the culinary secrets passed down by my family of winemakers and farmers. You'll get recipe handouts, including some from my cookbooks "My Calabria" and "Southern Italian Desserts".  We all chip in to cook a full menu with organic produce from my garden or farmers’ markets, then sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Join us for your “date-night” or come to meet new friends!

A presto,


“At the southern tip of the Italian peninsula lies an Italy that few people know: a land of fragrant citron and bergamot orchards, ancient olive groves and terraced vineyards; a place of tradition and ritual, where the annual swordfish catch and hot pepper harvest are celebrated with elaborate festivals, and where women still roll pasta dough around knitting needles" begins My Calabria" (W.W. Norton and Co., 2010)