A little Calabria in Oakland

Rooted in Calabria's farm traditions, two gardens provide food for a family of six plus produce for cooking classes



Fine Cooking: Fennel: The Raw and the Cooked

This article has four of my recipes using fennel.


How to Make Ricotta at Home

From Saveur, August/September 2008. In this article you will find some of my recipes using ricotta and learn how to make it yourself.


The Shepherd's Way by Janet Fletcher

From Saveur, August/September 2008. Janet Fletcher and I visited a local shepherd in Calabria who still makes ricotta the traditional way.


Rosetta Constantino [sic] on bringing Calabria to California

An interview by Coleen Taylor of Became Today, an online site focusing on the entrepreneurs who run San Francisco's most influential, neighborhood-shaping small businesses. Unfortunately, she spelled my name wrong!


Southern Italian Cooking with Rosetta Costantino

Complete San Francisco Magazine article about Bay Area cooking classes, with a nice feture of Cooking With Rosetta


Recipe: Insalata di Fagiolini Verdi (Italian Green Bean Salad)  

My green bean salad recipe in The Atlantic.


Creating a Taste for Ricotta

An article featuring my cooking classes in the Boston Globe. It includes my homemade ricotta recipe.


Calabria from Scratch: A small corner of southern Italy grows and thrives in the Oakland hills

The article that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, written by Janet Fletcher, that launched my cooking classes back in 2004.