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Special cooking class

Summer Garden Cooking class -- July 15

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Summer Garden Cooking class -- July 15


July 15, 2018 4pm

Rosetta's kitchen, Oakland, CA. 

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Join me on Sunday afternoon for a tour of my garden and a cooking class featuring zucchini, from appetizer to dessert.  You will have the chance to tour my garden, pick the vegetables and learn some of our techniques to help you grow your own vegetables. We'll start with a bruschetta topped with sundried zucchini, pasta with zucchini and ricotta salata,  zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta and baked with tomato sauce and a side dish of grilled zucchini marinated with mint.  We'll end with a zucchini flourless chocolate cake. Register early as the class is limited to ten students!


Menu of the Sunday Dinner at the Costantino’s home

Bruschetta con Zucchine  essiccate al sole con pepe rosso (Sun dried zucchini with Calabrian sweet pepper powder)

Pasta con zucchini e ricotta salata (Pasta with zucchini and ricotta salata)

Fiori di zucca al forno con ripieno di ricotta (Zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta and baked with tomato sauce)

Zucchine con la Menta (Zucchini marinated with oil, vinegar, mint and garlic)

Torta di zucchine al cioccolato (Zucchini flourless chocolate cake)