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Culinary Tours



Join me as we travel to the toe of Italy's boot to my native Calabria and Sicily. Visit top wine and olive oil producers and local cheesemakers. Stay at working farms and luxury resorts, and dine at my favorite restaurants off the beaten path. Come experience breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean sea, hands-on cooking classes and life as it's lived by locals.



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May 23 - May 31, 2020

This nine-day food and wine trip is specially designed to completely immerse you in Calabria’s culture, lifestyle and traditions, from the Ionian Sea to the Pollino mountains; amidst olive and clementine orchards, in a medieval town.



September 24 - Oct 2, 2019 (SOLD OUT)

September 15 -23, 2020

Join me as we travel to my native Calabria to discover the indigenous grapes grown only in Calabria and to taste the extraordinary wines made from them.  A master sommelier will accompany us throughout the tour to answer your questions and offer her expertise to fully enrich your experience. 

We'll cross Calabria, tasting wines from the Pollino mountains in the north, spending time in Calabria’s largest wine region, Cirò, before heading to the inside wine region of Cosenza and Lamezia, then south to Reggio Calabria at Italy’s tippy-toe. You’ll get to know the owners and winemakers at the acclaimed Ippolito, Ceraudo, Statti, Lento, Serracavallo, Librandi, Ferrocinto, Tramontana, and Cantine Viola wineries. In addition, we’ll serve outstanding Calabrian wines from wineries that we’re not visiting. 


October 6 - 13, 2019 (SOLD OUT)

June 4 - 11, 2020

Sept 27 - Oct 4, 2020

Known for centuries as the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Sicily produces food and wine as alluring as its storied history. Join me, Rosetta Costantino, cookbook author of "My Calabria", and "Southern Italian Desserts", cooking teacher and experienced guide, along with my husband Lino, a native of Palermo, Sicily, as we take you on an insider’s tour of Western Sicily. We will search local markets for fresh, seasonal ingredients from land and sea, learn to cook regional specialties, enjoy meals prepared by fabulous local chefs, and of course, sample and learn about the regional wines that match the deep flavors of the food.