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Cooking Classes

Rosetta Costantino, a native Calabrian, cookbook author of My Calabria and Southern Italian Desserts, cooking teacher and expert guide to Calabria and Sicily.  Culinary tours to Calabria.  Culinary tours to Sicily. Cooking classes in the Bay Area focused on Southern Italian cooking.  Calabrian cooking.  Teaches cooking classes in the Bay Area.  Cooking classes  on how to make pasta from scratch, pizza, ricotta class and simple dishes based on fresh ingredients. 


Welcome! Join me at my classes where I'll teach you how to cook authentic Southern Italian dishes using seasonal ingredients complemented with fresh-picked vegetables from my organic garden or farmers’ markets.

All my classes are entirely hands-on. You'll learn by preparing five recipes and then sitting down to enjoy a meal of the dishes that you've prepared. I supply everything; the only thing you need to bring is an apron. You're also welcome to bring your own bottle of wine.

Come have lots of fun and good food.  Meet new people or enjoy a special evening with your friends or significant other.

For more information on the cooking classes, go to Frequently Asked Questions.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Upcoming Classes

In addition, you can find me at the Draeger Cooking Schools in San Mateo and Danville 


{these cooking classes are booked via Draeger Website }