Festa della Zucca (A Celebration of winter squash)

Festa della Zucca (A Celebration of winter squash)


Sunday November 3, 2019, 4:00 pm

Location: Rosetta’s Kitchen, Oakland, CA.

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Festa della Zucca  (A Celebration of winter squash) 

Let’s celebrate fall with all the varieties of winter squash that are growing in my garden.  I have Lunga di Napoli, butternut squash and honey butternut squash and they will be ready for us to harvest in early November.  I adore winter squash and in this class I will share with you some of my favorite Southern Italian dishes featuring these squash fresh from my garden.

  The Menu

Caponata di zucca  (Caponata, a sweet and sour stew)

Pasta con zucca e salsiccia  (Pasta with squash and Calabrian sausage)

Gatto (gateau) di zucca  (A savory cake made with squash and potatoes, layered with wild mushrooms and cheese)

Zucca in agrodolce (Slices of squash marinated with vinegar and mint)

Torta di zucca e amaretti  (Cake made with squash, almonds and amaretti cookies)