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Spring Garden Cooking class

Fava beans preparation for spread.JPG
Fava beans preparation for spread.JPG
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Spring Garden Cooking class


May 5, 2019, 4:00 pm

Rosetta's kitchen, Oakland, CA. 

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Join me on Sunday afternoon for a tour of my garden and a cooking class featuring the fava beans ready for picking.   We will prepare some of my favorite dishes featuring spring vegetables, fava beans from the garden and artichokes from the market.  We'll start with a bruschetta topped with fava beans, rice with fava beans and wild fennel, a frittata and a side dish of caponata, a sicilian sweet and sour stew of artichokes.  We'll end with a spring dessert of ricotta mousse and fresh strawberries.


Bruschetta con fave e pecorino (Bruschetta with fava beans)

Risotto con fave e finocchietto selvatico  (Rice with fava beans and wild fennel fronds)

Frittata con fave e carciofi (Fava beans and artichoke frittata)

 Caponata di carciofi  (Sweet and sour stew of artichokes)

 Mousse di ricotta e fragole  (Ricotta mousse with fresh strawberries)