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Ricotta and Calabrian Sausage Class

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Copy of ricotta
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Ricotta and Calabrian Sausage Class


Saturday, March 10, 2018, 5:30 pm

Location: ITK Culinary, Emeryville, CA

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If you missed the opportunity to learn how to make fresh homemade ricotta in the past years, here is your chance!  I sold out this class so many times that I needed a break from making ricotta, but it is back for one more appearance. You will taste the ricotta warm just as it is made. It is to die for and be warned that you may not be able to eat store bought ricotta again! Delicious alone, Ricotta also makes a great basis for a variety of fillings.   We will use the ricotta and the fresh homemade sausage in a traditional Calabrian pasta dish, Pasta alla Pastora.  The homemade sausage will be served  with a side dish of zucchini stuffed with ricotta. Our dinner will end with an ice cream found in Palermo, Gelato al cannolo , all the ingredients of the famous cannoli siciliani come together in this ice cream.

The Menu

Bruschetta con Ricotta (Bruschetta with fresh homemade ricotta)

Pasta alla Pastora (Rigatoni tossed with fresh ricotta and sausage)

Salsiccia Calabrese Arrostita  (Grilled Homemade Calabrian sausage )

Zucchine ripiene con ricotta (Zucchine stuffed and baked with ricotta, cheese, egg and parsley)

Gelato al cannolo (Ricotta cream, cannoli shells, chocolate chips and candied orange peel)