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Il Cenone: Christmas Eve Dinner in Calabria

Calabrian Christmas Desserts.JPG
Calabrian Christmas Desserts.JPG
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Il Cenone: Christmas Eve Dinner in Calabria


Sunday, December 9, 2018, 4:00 pm

Location: Rosetta’s kitchen, Oakland, CA


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In many countries and cultures, Christmas Eve is a special celebration with special food. A typical Calabrian Christmas eve dinner is always based on seafood.

We will start with assorted appetizers that will include bottarga from Pizzo, a wonderful delicacy of tuna roe preserved with salt, which I brought back from Calabria, yeasted dough fritters and stuffed mussels. We will follow with pasta; swordfish rolls and a salad of escarole from my garden.

No Christmas Eve would be complete without the traditional Christmas desserts. It will also include my favorite semifreddo, in which I have incorporate the traditional torrone candy.

Buon Natale!


 The Menu

Grispelle con Acciughe (Yeasted dough fried with anchovies)

Tartine con Bottarga di Pizzo (Toasted bread topped with bottarga)

Cozze Gratinate (Mussels stuffed with breadcrumbs mixture) 

Paccheri con baccalà, mollica e peperoni cruschi  (Paccheri pasta with salted cod sauce and toasted breadcrumbs with sun dried sweet peppers)

Braciole di Pesce Spada alla Griglia (Grilled Swordfish Rolls with Breadcrumb Stuffing)

Insalata di Scarola (Green salad of escarole from my garden)

Cicirata (Deep fried dough coated with honey)

Cannariculi (Deep fried dough shaped like gnocchi)

Semifreddo al Torrone (Semifreddo with Almond Nougat and Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce)