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Carnevale in Calabria

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Carnevale in Calabria


Sunday, March 3, 2019 4:00 pm

Location: Rosetta’s Kitchen, Oakland, CA

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Carnevale in Calabria is a time of feasting and a celebration of food.  Meals served during Carnevale (Fat Tuesday) emphasize meat, in anticipation of the fasting during the Lenten season soon to follow. We will prepare a traditional pasta from my town of Verbicaro, served with a tomato sauced flavored by pork ribs. The braised pork ribs will make our second course with a side of peppers baked with breadcrumbs. Our meal will be completed with the traditional sweets - “Chiacchiere”, - strips of dough fried and dusted with powdered sugar.



Girelle con ‘nduja e ricotta (Pizza rosettes with nduja and ricotta)

Fusilli Calabresi (Homemade pasta rolled around a knitting needle)

Costate di Maiale (Pork ribs braised in tomato sauce)

Peperoni con la Muddica (Red and yellow peppers baked with breadcrumbs)

Chiacchiere (Strips of dough fried and coated with powdered sugar)