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Making and Using Ricotta: From Appetizers to Dessert

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Making and Using Ricotta: From Appetizers to Dessert


Saturday, March 4, 2017, 5:30 pm

Location: Paulding & Company, Emeryville, CA

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If you've missed the opportunity to learn how to make fresh homemade ricotta in the past years, here is your chance to catch up! Taste ricotta warm, as soon as it's made. But as delicious as it is alone, ricotta also makes a great basis for a variety of fillings. You will taste the ricotta warm just as it is made. It is to die for and be warned that you may not be able to eat store bought ricotta again! Delicious alone, Ricotta also makes a great basis for a variety of fillings. We’ll stuff giant shells with a ricotta filling and bake them with tomato sauce,  we'll follow with ricotta meatballs (meatless) and stuffed peppers with ricotta. We will finish with authentic Sicilian Cannoli, with those wonderful cannoli shells made from scratch, filled with a simple ricotta cream and garnished with my famous "candied orange" strips. 

The Menu

Bruschetta con Ricotta (Bruschetta with fresh homemade ricotta)

Conchiglioni ripieni con ricotta  (Large pasta shells filled with ricotta, parsley, egg and pecorino cheese baked with a tomato sauce)

Polpette di ricotta al sugo  (Ricotta meatballs (meatless) braised in tomato sauce)

Peperoni con ripieno di ricotta (Red peppers stuffed and baked with ricotta, cheese, egg and parsley)

Cannoli Siciliani (Homemade cannoli shells filled with homemade fresh ricotta)